Szymon Nieradka
Project manager & product owner


and jobs


During last 15 years I worked on variety positions including managing director, project manager, sales manager and CIO. I worked with HP, PKO BP, Wincor-Nixdorf, AEVI,, Google, AXA, T-Mobile, and many others.


  • Management of IT related enterprises
  • Agile project management
  • Software product management
  • Software architecture and prototyping
  • Business process optimization



Poznan School of Banking

Postgraduate coaching studies to learn how to better listen to the people.

Poznan School of Banking and Aalto University School of Economics

Master of Business Administration. Specialization: Company Management; Financial Expertise; International Business & Management Issues; Communication and Marketing Skills.

Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology

Graduate studies in computer science at Polish-Japanese Institute of Information Technology. Master of Science title.

Technical University of Szczecin

Graduate studies in computer science at Technical University of Szczecin. Bachelor of Science title. Specialization „Information Systems”.